ContextNet, do LAC/PUC-Rio, recebe prêmio da Qualcomm

November 22h, 2017

Cerimônia de premiação do 1º Prêmio Tecnologias de Impacto, uma iniciativa inédita da Qualcomm Brasil, com apoio do CNPq, INPI, CNI, SESI, Sebrapi e IEL.

Concorreram 200 projetos para a Internet das Coisas (de startups, universidades, grupos de pesquisa, inventores autônomos etc. de todo o Brasil), mas apenas 10 foram premiados como sendo tecnologias de impacto em IoT. Dentre eles, o middleware ContextNet, desenvolvido no Laboratory for Advanced Collaboration (LAC) da PUC-Rio.

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LAC+15 Celebration

December 26th, 2018

With a full-day technical workshop – and a follow-up dinner – we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Laboratory for Advanced Collaboration (LAC) of PUC-Rio. It was a pleasant event, with great talks and it highly praised by almost all attendees. All of LAC’s industry partners were invited, but unfortunately only one could attend the event. But nevertheless,  all engaged in very interesting discussions. And we hope that in 5 years from now while celebrating LAC+20 we will have even more cutting-edge technologies to present and demonstrate.

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